FreeWave Technologies to Partner with AUTOSOL to Deliver IIoT Edge Solution

FreeWave Technologies, a leader in long-range wireless radios and edge computing platforms, and AUTOSOL, a leading provider of secure, industrial automation software solutions, are partnering to deliver a fully integrated Edge solution that optimizes real-time data acquisition via a MQTT publish/subscribe SCADA architecture. The combined solution will greatly improve data analytics and decision-making. Additionally, AUTOSOL’s eACM brings an extensive library of proprietary equipment protocols to the Edge.

The AUTOSOL eACM running on FreeWave’s hardened, C1D2 ZumIQ™ Edge Computer and the ZumLink™ IQ Edge Intelligent Radio, will convert virtually any field device such as flow computers, PLCs and Controllers to be MQTT-enabled. The proven ruggedness of the Zum platform and its low power requirement serves as a reliable home for applications that place analytics and intelligence alongside remote assets even when infrastructure is not available. As a result, the ZumLink IQ delivers an all-in-one solution for both secure data transmission over long distances and application deployment.

“As new predictive tools are coming to the market, customers want access to key operational data faster,” says AUTOSOL CEO Douglas Osburn. “Together, eACM and the Zum products deliver a powerful solution for industrial companies looking to do just that with their SCADA system. We believe this partnership will deliver immediate and measurable IIoT benefits to existing and new customers.”

Today, both companies support customers in common and complementary markets, including Oil & Gas, utilities, warehousing and distribution logistics, all of whom require the reliable collection of asset and sensor data for process automation, performance monitoring, asset tracking, preventative maintenance and compliance reporting.

“For more than 30 years, AUTOSOL has been setting the industry standards for SCADA automation and security solutions,” says FreeWave Technologies’ CEO Kirk Byles. “We are energized by the potential this new partnership brings and is yet another example of our commitment to create powerful data platform solutions that can transform industrial operations, moving from reactive communications models to predictive optimization enriched by real-time IIoT insights.”