Navigant and InfraRed Capital Partners Launch Compass Energy Platform

Navigant (NYSE: NCI) and InfraRed Capital Partners today announced the launch of Compass Energy Platform, LLC (Compass), a joint venture that provides an innovative platform to help cities and utilities develop and finance local energy infrastructure solutions.

Compass brings together in one platform the combined expertise of a diverse set of energy infrastructure project experts. Navigant’s Energy segment contributes its deep industry insight and experience to Compass, while InfraRed brings its energy project structuring and development expertise as well as funding for Compass’ future pipeline of projects. Compass leverages a public-private partnership financing model and provides access to the services of expert engineering and construction service providers, among others, to assist clients in the development of energy resources that can improve the delivery and efficiency of local energy services to communities and businesses. These resources include the use of distributed generation technologies, such as solar, wind, and batteries, combined with smart asset networks, such as microgrids and district heating and cooling. 

“As we build the energy system of the future, local governments and utilities are increasingly focused on promoting sustainable, distributed energy infrastructure projects that increase resiliency and the security of supply,” says Jan Vrins, leader of Navigant’s global Energy segment. “While these projects can be complex and carry risk, Compass simplifies this process by delivering end-to-end program management, project structuring and development, and access to financing resources.”

“Compass works to create more resilient economies and communities, while also streamlining the process for the many stakeholders involved in implementing local energy infrastructure projects,” says Rick Bolton, CEO of Compass and director of new projects within Navigant’s global Energy segment. “From start to finish, Compass helps to mitigate risk by assisting the client in its selection of the appropriate business and commercial models and partnerships for the project.”

“Compass seamlessly integrates all aspects of a local energy project, aligning local government, businesses, investors, engineering and construction firms, and other stakeholders to deliver highly efficient infrastructure solutions,” says Thomas Buss, director at InfraRed Capital Partners.

In addition to its strategic relationships with Navigant and InfraRed, Compass has a growing list of relationships with implementation service providers, creating a complete energy development platform. Compass’ implementation relationship partners include Burns Engineering (engineering), PowerSecure (microgrid development, operation, and maintenance), Concord Engineering (engineering), WXY Studio (urban planning), Greener by Design (stakeholder engagement), and Advanced Energy Agency (stakeholder engagement logistics).