GridOS® Integrated Distribution Planning Enables Utilities to Unlock the Full Potential of the Distributed Grid

At DistribuTECH 2019Opus One Solutions, a leader in grid software engineering, announced the launch of its web based GridOS® Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) product with Hawaiian Electric. IDP is a hosted, scalable, automated grid planning solution that allows utilities to design the grid of the future. The solution targets the entire ecosystem around distribution planning from utilities to consulting firms, system integrators and product partners, ensuring cost effective and reliable service to customers through advanced software applications.

The distribution planning function has taken on new importance for electric utilities as they address the challenges of managing aging infrastructure, while simultaneously pursuing grid modernization and the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs).  Utilities need planning solutions today to prepare for this wave of new grid assets and respond to regulatory pressures to integrate clean, renewable, distributed resources.

“New technologies and customer expectations are changing our energy mix which makes integrated resource planning even more mission critical and regulatorily robust for utilities,” shared Joshua Wong, CEO of Opus One Solutions. “With our web based GridOS® Integrated Distribution Planning solution, utilities can evaluate grid quality and investment options from operational planning to long term planning, to ensure electricity delivery is reliable, resilient and cost-effective.”

By merging traditional power system engineering, with advanced analytics, and modern software technology; GridOS® IDP steps into a new world of enterprise distribution planning.  Designed to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, IDP can scale to meet the needs of utilities large and small and is priced with minimal upfront costs to ease deployment.  IDP can also be deployed on-premise for a greater degree integration with core corporate systems.

Hawaiian Electric partnered with Opus One Solutions to enable a new approach to distribution planning tools that accommodates the shift to distributed resources while reducing the need for infrastructure upgrades associated with them. The Hawaiian Electric Companies are transforming the way they generate electricity, moving from a top-down, centralized generation model to a distributed grid where decentralized, renewable generation is integrated and balanced across the network. With a renewable energy goal of 100 per cent by 2045, and with increasing numbers of distributed energy resources (DERs) seeking interconnection to the distribution network, the Hawaiian Electric Companies have committed to upgrading their systems and processes to best meet the needs of their changing grids. 

“Partnering with Opus One will allow Hawaiian Electric to comprehensively identify T&D grid needs and evaluate distributed energy resource alternatives to address these needs within the Integrated Grid Planning process,” said Colton Ching, Sr. Vice President of Planning & Technology, Hawaiian Electric.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, GridOS® IDP allows many different users – utility operational planners, strategy and grid modernization groups, and consultants – to participate and collaborate on critical enterprise planning functions. It helps utilities around the globe improve, standardize and automate advanced grid analytics and planning processes. Opus One understands the need for integration with processes and inputs from across the organization and is working closely with strategic technology partners to integrate the leading solar forecasts and DER adoption forecast while also deriving asset management data and insights into the IDP platform.

“The ability to deploy the solution in a cost-effective manner which enhances the work flow for planners and take a holistic look at operational planning, is the value that customers are looking for,” stated Hari Subramaniam, Chief of Strategic Growth of Opus One Solutions. “In addition, IDP can help customers understand the impact and value of DERs such as EVs and batteries while maintaining grid reliability.”

With the launch of hosted GridOS® IDP, Opus One is offering utilities to join a global partnership network, including the opportunity to try a three-month trial, ongoing access to the latest grid analytics releases, and shape the evolution of this exciting product. To learn more and sign up for the GridOS® IDP demo offering, please visit