Opus One Solutions Seeks to Help Utilities Modernize the Grid

Today, Opus One Solutions (Opus One) announced the successful completion of a year-long joint project with Portland General Electric Company (NYSE: POR) focused on Integrated Distribution Planning.

By incorporating Opus One’s next generation software platform into PGE’s distribution planning process, PGE was able to demonstrate full situational awareness on their network. This allows engineers to understand the effects on the distribution system when adding distributed energy resources and demand response to the feeders.

“Improved situational awareness is critical to our ability to pro-actively address constraints and challenges in our distribution networks,” said Larry Bekkedahl, PGE’s vice president for grid architecture, integration and systems operations. “We are working to add flexibility to the system as we accommodate more distributed resources on the grid, and actively searching for and applying technological solutions to help us do that.”

Opus One’s GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) software is a model-based operational planning tool for advanced distribution planning. It helped distribution planners at PGE demonstrate and evaluate the impact of distributed energy resource (DER) scenarios on their networks and develop a portfolio of viable Non-Wire Alternatives (NWAs) solutions and grid investments.

“The rise of distributed energy resources has created the need for optimized distribution networks,” said Mark Hormann, Vice President, Key Accounts for Opus One Solutions.  “We were pleased that GridOS aligned to PGE’s efforts to increase focus towards data-driven grid planning.”

GridOS IDP was conceived to integrate traditional distribution planning with DER planning, which is becoming increasingly important as utilities plan, account for and manage higher penetrations of solar, energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles and other DERs. This is especially the case in Oregon, as the state works toward their ambitious greenhouse gas reduction and renewable power goals. Opus One’s solution is part of PGE’s effort to transform its current planning methods to direct DER investment and incentives where there are distribution system benefits to be had from the asset.